First Glimpse of the Pyramids- By Horse

As a child I read as many horse books as I could get my hands on. I am pretty sure that I read every Thoroughbred series book available prior to 2005. However, my mom is seriously allergic to horses, which meant riding lessons were out of the question. This fact must have been on my mind when I wrote my bucket list, because it is right at the top! I always wanted to ride a horse and actually have gotten to enjoy the experience a half dozen times at this point. This post focuses on my favorite experience- riding in the Egyptian Desert.

I had been in Cairo for around a week when someone in my hotel suggested that I go on a riding experience. He had been in communication with a stables and invited me to tag along. Never one to turn down an offer, I accepted.

After taking the metro the majority of the way, we found the stables with relative ease. However, I got a bit anxious as we walked along the street where the stables is located. The vast majority of the horses were extremely emaciated. I was hard not to suppress tears when I saw them; I’ve never seen such scrawny horses before, never mind so many in one places. One thing is for certain, horses don’t look good with their bones protruding…

As we wandered along the street looking for our stables, I was ready to cancel my ride. However, once we found FB Stables, I changed my mind once again. All it took was a look at their horses. They were obviously very well-cared for. The horses were big, really big, and much healthier in appearance than their neighbors. I felt secure that I was making a good decision in supporting this business.

The manager asked a lot of questions about our experience and preferences before giving out our horses. My horse was named Lilly. I had difficulty getting on her, as she was so tall! When I was given her reins I was told that she was ‘hot’. I made a smart comment about how anyone would be hot in this weather and the stable boy smiled. He obviously knew that I was about to find out that her hotness had a lot more to do with temperament than anything else. However, it made for an amazing ride, since Lily wanted to run as much as possible.

There is no doubt that these are not your typical ‘walk in a line’ horses. Lily wasn’t the only one who wanted nothing more than to run around the desert at a gallop. And they sure did! It was exhilarating! We rode out of Cairo passing close by the pyramids. It was the ideal first glance at them. After an afternoon of riding our legs hurt terribly, but it was well worth it.

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